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Here is how you get the documents that you want.  Leave this page open. Open your email client get it ready to send an email to     highlight the files you want and cut and paste them into your email. Then use the buy button pull down menu to find the dollar amount and click it. Then use your debit or credit card to purchase them and they will be emailed to you shortly their after.

Cd's containing my whole commercial document library with hundreds of files are available by clicking on the cd button below.

dvds that contain all the audio and text files that are needed for the audios are on the dvds. I call this dvd or dvd's the    Commercial freedom package you can see this and what it contains by clicking the cd button.

The Freedom document cd has everything you need to put the documents in the public record to capture your strawmans birth certificate account if that is what you want to do. And to put in the docs for secured party creditor as well. Plus one months free skype   freedom classes concisting of 1 to 2 hour classes once a week. great deal.

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EXHIBIT 001 - NOTICE of Birthright and Right of Soil.rtf    [                                                                                                         

EXHIBIT 002 - Affidavit of Right to Waiver of Tort.rtf                                                                                                              

EXHIBIT 003 - Notes on 31 T 5118.rtf     

EXHIBIT 003A - NOTICE of Acceptance of Oath.rtf

EXHIBIT 004 - NOTICE of Oaths Required.rtf     

EXHIBIT 005 - NOTICE of Affid in Support of Oaths.rtf

EXHIBIT 006 - NOTICE of Harassment by Threat.rtf     

EXHIBIT 007 -SWORN NOTICE in form of Affidavit.rtf   

EXHIBIT 008 - NOTICE of Vicarious Liability.rtf

EXHIBIT 009 - NOTICE of No Statement of Compliance.rtf     

EXHIBIT 010 A - Fictitious Conveyance of Language.rtf

EXHIBIT 010 B - NOTICE of Fictitious Obligations.rtf 

EXHIBIT 010 D - NOTICE to ACTOR for State.doc  

EXHIBIT 010E Affidavit of Exempt from taxes.doc


EXHIBIT 010G - NOTICE State is Employee.doc    

EXHIBIT 011 - NOTICE of Communication, Facts Established.rtf     

EXHIBIT 012 A - Savings to Suitor Clause.rtf   

EXHIBIT 012 B - NOTICE of Libel of Review in Admiralty.rtf 

EXHIBIT 013 - Without United States.rtf  

EXHIBIT 014 - NOTICE of De Bene Esse.doc 

EXHIBIT 015 - NOTICE of No Article III Courts.rtf    

EXHIBIT 016 - Notice of VOIR DIRE.rtf    

exhibit 017 - affid of void complaint.rtf

EXHIBIT 018(a) NOTICE of No Standing.rtf 

EXHIBIT 018(b) - NOTICE of No Subject Matter Jurisdiction.rtf    

EXHIBIT 018(c) - NOTICE of No Political Jurisdiction.rtf   

EXHIBIT 018(d) - NOTICE of Excess of Jurisdiction.rtf

EXHIBIT 018(e) - NOTICE of No Municipal Jurisdiction.rtf   

EXHIBIT 018(f) - CLAIM of Conusance and Forum.rtf    

EXHIBIT 018(g) NOTICE - of Law and Jurisdiction.rtf  

EXHIBIT 018(h) NOTICE - Venue Jurisdiction does not exist.doc    



EXHIBIT 020 - NOTICE Penumbra Doctrine Does NOT Apply.doc  

EXHIBIT 021 - NOTICE of Rescission of Signature.rtf  

EXHIBIT 022 NOTICE Attn'y can't testify.rtf    

EXHIBIT 023 - Notice fraud on court.rtf  

EXHIBIT 024 - NOTICE... ...OF KOL NIDRE.rtf    

EXHIBIT 025 - NOTICE of Act of Court.rtf 

EXHIBIT 026 - NOTICE & Demand to Clarify Jurisdiction.rtf  

EXHIBIT 027 Req for Admissions.rtf 

EXHIBIT 028 - Denial of Impartiality.rtf 

EXHIBIT 029 - Affidavit of Sovereignty.rtf     

EXHIBIT 031 - NOTICE of Felony.rtf 

EXHIBIT 032 - NOTICE of Interest at Stake.rtf  

EXHIBIT 033 - NOTICE of Counterfeit Securities.rtf   


EXHIBIT 036 - Req 4 corp bank charter.rtf

EXHIBIT 037 - CAT & Notice of Encroachment by Lender.rtf   

EXHIBIT 038 - NOTICE OF Commercial Debt Claims.rtf   

EXHIBIT 039 - NOTICE of Proceeding in Admiralty.rtf  

EXHIBIT 040 - Notice of unlawful conv. PN.rtf  

EXHIBIT 041 - NOTICE to Avoid False Assumptions.rtf  

EXHIBIT 042 - NOTICE of Reservation of Rights.rtf    

EXHIBIT 043 - NOTICE of Submission to Proper Flag.rtf

EXHIBIT 045 - NOTICE OF Lack of Juris Insufficient Service.rtf   

EXHIBIT 046 - NOTICE of Non-Recognition.rtf    

EXHIBIT 047 - Dec. of Remedy in Assumpsit.rtf  

EXHIBIT 048 - NOTICE of Foreign Sovereign Immunities.rtf   

EXHIBIT 049 - NOTICE of Non-Denial for Lack of Form.rtf    

EXHIBIT 050 - NOTICE of Non-Combatant, Neutral Standing.rtf

EXHIBIT 051 - NOTICE Diff Between Bus & Corp.rtf     

EXHIBIT 052 - NOTICE of Wrongful Information.rtf     

EXHIBIT 053 - NOTICE of non-mil serv.rtf 

EXHIBIT 054 - NOTICE of Dereliction of Duty.rtf

EXHIBIT 056 - NOTICE of Correction concerning Frivolous.rtf

EXHIBIT 057 - NOTICE of Constitutional Requirements.rtf    

EXHIBIT 058 - NOTICE of Soveriegnty Defined.rtf

EXHIBIT 059 - AFFIDAVIT of Non-Income Situs.rtf

EXHIBIT 060 - NOTICE of UCC as Ratification Doctrine.rtf   

EXHIBIT 061 - Verified Oath Purgatory John-Quincy Jones.rtf

EXHIBIT 063 - NOTICE that Affiant is NOT nom de guerre.rtf 

EXHIBIT 064 - NOTICE of No Immunity For Unlawful Acts.rtf  

EXHIBIT 065 - NOTICE of Intimidation Not Allowed.rtf 

EXHIBIT 066 - NOTICE of 5th Amendment Enforcement.rtf

EXHIBIT 067 - NOTICE of Trespass and Treason.rtf     

EXHIBIT 068 - NOTICE of Perjury.rtf

EXHIBIT 069 - NOTICE of Contract.rtf     

EXHIBIT 070 - NOTICE of Fraud.rtf  

EXHIBIT 071(B) - Clearfield Doctrine in Full Force.rtf     

EXHIBIT 073 - NOTICE of No License of Juris.doc

EXHIBIT 074 - NOTICE that Affiant is NOT a Slave.rtf 

EXHIBIT 075 - NOTICE of Restricted Appearance.rtf    

EXHIBIT 076 - NOTICE of Agents of a Foreign Principal.rtf  

EXHIBIT 077 - NOTICE of Chose In Action.rtf    

EXHIBIT 078 - Corporate Clarification & Procuration.rtf    

EXHIBIT 079 - Tacit Procuration Defined.rtf    

EXHIBIT 081 - NOTICE of Non-Valid Police Action.rtf  

EXHIBIT 082 - NOTICE of Claim of Remedy & Recourse.rtf     

EXHIBIT 083 - NOTICE of Ultimate Facts Being Established.rtf     

EXHIBIT 084 - NOTICE of Right of Subrogation.rtf     

EXHIBIT 085 - NOTICE of Right to be Heard.rtf  

EXHIBIT 086 - NOTICE of Correction of Mistakes.doc   

EXHIBIT 087 NOTICE to Invoke Common Law.rtf    

EXHIBIT 088 - NOTICE of Rule of Necessity.rtf  

EXHIBIT 089 - NOTICE of Two National Govm't.rtf

EXHIBIT 090 - NOTICE of Non-Compliance w-PRA 0f 1995.rtf   

EXHIBIT 091 -NOTICE to Deliver The Body.rtf    

EXHIBIT 092 - NOTICE of National Origin.rtf    

EXHIBIT 093 - NOTICE of Mixed Domestic War.rtf 

EXHIBIT 094 - NOTICE to Read All Presentments.rtf    

EXHIBIT 095 - NOTICE of Deficiency I.R.S..rtf  

EXHIBIT 096 - NOTICE of All Income Tax Laws Repealed.rtf   


EXHIBIT 101 - NOTICE That Failure to Deny is Admittal.rtf  

EXHIBIT 102 - NOTICE that ...False Conveyance of Language.rtf    

EXHIBIT 103 - NOTICE of No Utterance.rtf 

EXHIBIT 104 - NOTICE of Utterance.rtf    

EXHIBIT 105 - NOTICE of Crim Act Forbidden.rtf 

EXHIBIT 106 - NOTICE that all Law is Commerce.rtf    

EXHIBIT 107 - NOTICE of Failure to Est. Juris.rtf    

EXHIBIT 108 - NOTICE of Rescention of Oaths.rtf

EXHIBIT 109 - NOTICE of Void Unconscionable Contracts.rtf  

EXHIBIT 110 - NOTICE of Long-Arm Statutes Not Lawful.rtf   

EXHIBIT 111 - NOTICE that Affiant is Creditor In Fact.rtf  

EXHIBIT 112 - NOTICE  Stats, Rules, & Regs DO NOT APPLY.rtf

EXHIBIT 113 - NOTICE of Extortion, or Attempted Extortion.rtf    

EXHIBIT 114 NOTICE of Identity Theft.rtf 

EXHIBIT 115 - NOTICE of No 14th Amendment.rtf  

ADVOWSON, Right of.rtf                                                                                      Affidavit Change of Judge.rtf                                                                                                                                                                  Affidavit Of Beneficial Interest.doc                                                                                              Affidavit of Constitutional Immunity.doc                                                   Affidavit Prejudice of Judge.rtf                                                                                                               CERTIFICATE - Claim of Ownership.doc                                                                       

Claim of FAMOUS MARK.doc                                                                Claim of PRIVATE RIGHTS.doc                                                                                                                   Congress & UNIDROIT.rtf                            

EXHIBIT - 4 posting.rtf                            

EXHIBIT - Notice of Entry.rtf      

Fair Use Notice.rtf                                

Impressed Fund Account.pdf                                 

Judicial Notice - MERS.doc                              

Judicial Notice of Standing (living man).doc                                            Memo of Understanding.rtf                              

NOTICE - Affidavit in support Identity Hearing.rtf                               

NOTICE - All S.S.I. from Crown.doc                               

NOTICE - challenge juris & Oaths.rtf                                                  NOTICE - Corp. can't sue a MAN.doc                                  

NOTICE - Declaration of Domicile notes.rtf                                 

NOTICE - Declaration of Domicile.rtf                                                  NOTICE - Demand for Common Law Name.rtf                                                                                           NOTICE - Demand for Emerg. Identity Hearing.rtf                            

NOTICE - How to TERMINATE Notice of Lien.rtf                                

NOTICE - Human Being defined.doc                                 

NOTICE - Judgment by Estoppel.rtf                                

NOTICE - NO JURY is Force & Effect.rtf                                                NOTICE - NO Oath of Fidelity.rtf                                 

NOTICE - Notary Public is Officer of the People.rtf                              

NOTICE - of Law and Jurisdiction.rtf                                 

NOTICE - Right to Court w-o Fees.rtf                                                  NOTICE - Rule of De Jure government.rtf                                                                                           NOTICE - States of the Union Defined.doc                                 

NOTICE - There are NO JUDGES.rtf                               

NOTICE - There is NO MONEY.doc                                   

NOTICE - travel rights.rtf                                 

NOTICE - Trust Fund Doctrine.doc                               

NOTICE - Vested Rights.rtf                               

NOTICE - Writ of Praecipe.doc                              

NOTICE - X.O.s are NOT for people.doc                                                 NOTICE & Declaration of Ambassador.rtf                               

NOTICE of Christian Abatement.doc                              

NOTICE of Demand for BONDS.rtf                                  

NOTICE of Demand for Discovery & Novation.doc                              

NOTICE of Demand for more definite verbiage.doc                            

NOTICE OF DEMAND TO EXHIBIT INSTRUMENT.doc                                 

NOTICE of Exemption from Arrest.doc                                                   NOTICE of Expatriation - Repatriation.doc                             

NOTICE of Friend of the Court.doc                               

NOTICE OF INTENT TO REDEEM THE BOND.doc                                               NOTICE of Lawful Remedy.doc                             

NOTICE of Ministerial Duty.doc                                  

NOTICE of Mistake of Law.rtf                             

NOTICE of Non-Appearance.rtf                             

NOTICE of Office Neglicted.doc                                   

NOTICE of PERSONAL RIGHTS and.doc                                

NOTICE of Private Communication.doc                                                    NOTICE of Remainderman.rtf                                 

NOTICE OF REVOCATION OF POWER OF ATTORNEY.doc                              

NOTICE of Revocation of Voter Registration.doc                                         NOTICE of Right to be Let Alone.doc                                

NOTICE of Substantive Law.rtf                            

NOTICE of Tax Exempt Affidavit.doc                               

NOTICE of True Character.doc                               

NOTICE of Vested Rights in state Citizenship.rtf                                       NOTICE of Vi Et Armis.doc                              

NOTICE Parity NOT attainable.rtf                                 

NOTICE TO ACCELERATE AT WILL.doc                                 

NOTICE to Arresting Officer.pdf                                  

NOTICE to Dispatch alleged case.doc                            

NOTICE to Port of Entry.rtf                                

taxes ONLY 4 judges.rtf                              

UNIVERSAL DECLARATION of In Forma Pauperis.doc                             

Writ of Segregation.doc